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About Us

ABC-NETWORK is a leader in IT solution provider and system integrator in Egypt. Founded in 6002 to support core business and supplying of integrated solution to the Egyptian market and to offer wide range of integrated product and customized solution to satisfy varying of small and medium size business needs and environment, Business activity includes sales, install, telecommunication products, security system, support and services for large-scale computer system. ABC-NETWORK is the preferred company of contractors, installers, builders, specifying engineers.
Providing a comprehensive solution to exceed our client’s requirements, with a professional and friendly approach, first time is every time so we can build a long term relationship with our customers.
Due to the varied nature of the demands emanating from the different sectors of the economy, different answers must be sought and different solutions must be delivered. We proceed by dividing this large picture into components and address each on its own. In order for that to be adequately done and prior to reassembling the picture to the way it was, we assign different components to different divisions found under the ABC-NETWORK umbrella. The basis of doing anything well is to be fully familiar with the way things were intended to work in the first place. This has always been our methodology based on this our employees were directly trained by the products’ vendors and hence familiarity with the wide range of products it represents was firmly established. This was pushed a time, translated into the underlying concept of ABC-NETWORK namely, to integrate different products and platforms to meet different needs.